The mobile experience black hole E-commerce Directors don’t see


You spend vast amounts of time and money honing the mobile experience and buying journey on your ecommerce site. Making it easy for customers and maximising conversion are the critical objectives by which every AB test is measured and decision made. Except in one area that often gets overlooked right at the critical stage — payment.

Customers are merrily moving through your wonderfully crafted mobile journey, but when they try to pay the experience is often terrible, the dropout rate soars and they fall into a black hole created by the payment technology.

Recent findings from the Centre for Retail Research suggest that the UK retail industry is missing out on £6.6bn a year by not investing in mobile. Barclays predict that in just 8 years’ consumer spending on mobiles will exceed £53 billion with 42% of all retail sales involving a mobile device in some way.

Hands up everyone who’s suffered ‘mobile rage’ when visiting a badly optimised site? It’s not just me who’s angrily closed down a page I can’t navigate easily — over 40% of consumers say their online mobile experiences could be improved. The further along the purchasing journey I am the more annoyed I get. I can easily believe recent research that showed on Black Friday 2016 retailers with a good mobile ecommerce experience saw a 25% increase in average order value and 30% more sales.

So why are e-commerce directors, usually so fastidious about the customer journey, putting up with this? Is it because banks have traditionally been slow on the uptake of new tech, is it because they outsource this part so it’s not their responsibility (does the customer care? – I think not!), is it because they think there’s no choice? I don’t know, but I do know it doesn’t have to be like this.

The customer’s mobile experience through payment should be as smooth and easy as the rest of your buyer journey. The conversion rates should be high, technology should be designed mobile-first rather than as an afterthought and the customer journey shouldn’t be compromised at any stage. The fact that 46% of top high street retailers don’t even have a mobile responsive website is no excuse for a lack of focus on the end-to-end mobile experience for the customer.

Unfortunately (well, fortunately for us!) payment providers vary wildly in their expertise and understanding of consumers mobile needs and multi-device UI design. We see other point of sale finance technologies lagging woefully behind and pity the customer who has to pinch, zoom, left-right scroll and squint their way through those processes. The dropout rates must be staggering and the problem will be worsening as customers’ expectations are raised by better and better mobile experiences elsewhere in their daily lives. If these finance providers can’t even get the mobile experience right, they’re certainly not going to be passionately focused on using technology to increase conversion rates.

We don’t believe customers need to be sucked into a black hole once they start the financing application. 65% of our applications are completed on a mobile device so we know how critical it is and spend significant time and effort getting the mobile journey just right. We use the same testing tools and principles as the big ecommerce merchants to ensure our smart technology actually drives higher conversion rates, as discussed by our product director in a recent blog How smart technology drives merchant conversion rate . If it’s not working for customers, then it’s not working for us either.

And mobile shouldn’t be relegated to an afterthought. It is in fact 33% quicker to complete a finance application on a mobile device than a desktop. And when retailers get that right mobile ecommerce will soar faster than we imagine.

So, E-commerce Directors, don’t let your customers disappear from your purchase journey. Keep them as loved, engaged and focused as they are on your site throughout the payment journey and finance application. The competitive advantage of having a seamless mobile experience is huge — don’t let your payment technology let you down. Let it give you an instant and substantial increase in conversion without even trying.

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