At AIS we wanted to make the purchase decision as easy as possible for our delegates and wanted to implement an interest free finance option. As a world class provider of training we wanted to work with a company that had a similar innovative mind-set that challenges convention. Deko has proven to be as good as promised and more!

We're really impressed with how they have responded to our needs, the setup was quick, painless and they showed us everything we needed to know in regards to finance and the BackOffice system. They spent time with our team whilst they got used to using Deko and have been immediately on hand ever since.

Since we started offering finance we have noticed a considerable improvement on our conversion rate as well as the number of enquiries we get each month. It's worked so well that we've now increased our offering to 2 years 0% interest.

Many of our customers have told us that they would have not been able to take one of our courses if they hadn't been able to spread out the cost. Finance is certainly a good tool to attract customers and it has featured in many of our marketing campaigns.

We have a good relationship with our account manager, who is always there to answer any questions that might arise, and the live chat support is handy for any small queries. I would definitely recommend Deko to anyone even considering offering finance as a payment option.

- Charlie Guthrie - Marketing Manager.