At Future Fit we take great joy in helping our customers develop and succeed in their chosen career paths, and now we are able to reach more people than ever before. We already knew that offering finance would lead to more customers and sales, but the increase surpassed our expectations! The high level of finance applications that have been put through in conjunction with the high acceptance rate has assisted in our growth. Our switch to Deko finance has certainly proven to be an immensely profitable and invaluable decision.

We were keen to implement and start using Deko's platform as soon as possible and thanks to the integration team, we were up-and-running sooner than expected. The support we've received since then has been exceptional, as promised, and the support team and our account manager are always available for questions regarding the system or applications.

Our sales staff really appreciate how accessible and simple the BackOffice system is to use and manage applications. The finance calculator is a great way to display the options available and a number of customers have commented on how easy to understand their finance agreement was.

With the number of competitive rates and payment terms we are able to offer, it's hard not to include finance in our marketing and promotional activities. We regularly market different rates paired with a number of courses to try and find a payment option suitable for everyone.

Choosing Deko as our finance provider has proven to be a sound business decision!

Head of Sales - Senior Management team.