We have been using Deko for just over 6 months now and the impact that it has had on our business has been outstanding. Deko  now accounts for 15-20% of our online sales and has increased our conversion rate by 60%. We are Europe's leading suppliers of commercial gym equipment and we have a high average order value. Deko has been very successful in providing our sales staff with an invaluable tool to increase 'upsells' and conversions over the telephone.

The Deko platform is extremely easy to use and has a fantastic range of features. We have had some fantastic feedback from our customers who have commented on how easy and painless the Deko process has been.

Throughout the process the Deko staff have been excellent. Our account manager is regularly in touch and has been a key factor to the successfulness of our campaign.

I would recommend Deko to almost any business, (except other gym equipment suppliers) - our only regret is that we didn't sign up years ago!

- Ecommerce Manager