MYA Cosmetic Surgery Case Study

MYA clinics are well known for being a hotspot for celebrity clientele which attracts a lot of interest, however not everyone can pay for exceptional cosmetic surgery up front. Finance allows all our patients to afford what they really want.

Before Deko we had been using another medical finance provider, but we knew that finance could be an integral part of our business. So we decided to find a platform to meet our individual needs as a leading cosmetic surgery specialist.

Deko has everything we need. The platform is easy to use, paperless, secure, supports our multiple clinic locations and integrates well with our patient payment process. We currently offer 4 loan options to patients and are looking to add more in the future.

Although we feature finance prominently throughout our online promotions, procedures require a free consultation before any bookings are made. The online application sent via email & text is ideal for patients to apply during their appointment and is also used by staff to follow up afterwards.

Deko is a consistent source of income for us and accounts for 30% of patient payments.