Alba Rose poised for a glittering future with Deko


Alba Rose is a family run jewellery specialist founded in 2007. They provide their customers with high quality, luxury diamond jewellery manufactured within their own facilities, ensuring quality control at every part of the manufacturing process, with the fastest turnaround times possible and without compromising on quality. Alba Rose joined the Deko community in July this year having switched to us from another finance provider. They offer instalment finance options in store and online for orders over £500 at 0% and up to 19.9%.

The situation

Consumer appetite for jewellery, which was dampened by the global recession, now appears more buoyed than ever with the UK market estimated at £5BN. But the industry is as dynamic as it is fast growing. Jewellery players can’t simply do business as usual and expect to thrive; they must be alert and responsive to important trends and developments or else risk being left behind by more agile competitors.

Alba Rose is one such competitor, they see the value in consumer finance, and understand the growing needs of their customers and the demand for finance. But with the demand for finance comes the expectation a consumer has when applying.

Selecting the right provider can mean make or break between a happy or unhappy customer, so getting it right is important. Alba Rose is discerning when it comes to benchmarking providers.

Why Deko?

Ryan Edkins, CEO said, “We were unhappy with the service we were getting from our supplier, and their software was very dated, we decided to look at other alternatives and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the interface for us and our customers offered by Deko.”

Just as the quality of the user interface was an important factor, Alba Rose also found our API integration documentation easy to use, which resulted in a smoother transition than they had anticipated. In fact switching to Deko took Alba Rose just 5 days from first contact to being accepted by the lender and able to start trading.

We were unhappy with the service we were getting from our supplier, and their software was very dated, we decided to look at other alternatives and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the interface for us and our customers offered by Deko.

Ryan Edkins – CEO

The result

Switching to Deko has meant that Alba Rose are now able to offer a wider choice of finance options both in-store and online compared to their previous supplier; resulting in even more sales and acceptances. In just three months, they’ve also seen an incremental increase of 10% in finance applications and acceptances compared to their previous provider. They attribute this to the seamless finance journey from checkout to the simplified application form Deko provides customers, with easy to understand terms.

Ryan added, “One to one training was very good; it was non-existent at V12, apart from a PDF. The platform video training and quiz also helped our staff understand the importance of treating customers fairly too.”

The future

Alba Rose said that during the period between leaving their previous provider and switching to Deko they saw a 25% reduction in sales straight away, with Ryan sighting, “For our business, finance is a very important part of the product offering, and we hope to further streamline the service provided to our clients, working with Deko.”

We pride ourselves on differentiation at Deko and Alba Rose is a testament to our commitment to our customers. As applications and sales continue to grow, our account managers will work with Ryan and his team to offer advice on everything from effectively marketing finance to diversifying their finance product offering; all based on insights and analysis collected from their account through our business intelligence tool.

This ensures we never stand still, are always innovating and achieving mutual success, so that their end customer walks away happy with their carefully chosen handmade jewellery; liberated by their finance decision.

I would like to say that the account managers are the best part of Deko, such a great team, and go to lengths to understand our business requirements and particular requests. A big thank you toJai and the Deko team, it’s a pleasure working with you.

Ryan Edkins – CEO

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