Deko provides Westbrook Cycles a crucial edge in a competitive sector



Westbrook Cycles are a highly successful online cycle retailer, catering to all disciplines and shipping all over the world. Established over 25 years ago as a local shop selling and repairing bikes, the e-commerce side of the business was set up in 2004. Since then Westbrook have achieved significant growth and the channel diversification has allowed them to provide a much bigger; better range of products, to many more customers.

They’ve been using Deko’s instalment finance solution online since late 2016 and say it’s been one of the best investments they’ve made to date, having previously offered finance from a competitor with less success.

James, Sales Assistant at Westbrook Cycles said, “Our bikes start from £259.99 and although this is great value, it’s still a large investment for many customers, so having the option to pay with finance is not only a huge convenience for them but also for some customers allows them to finance a purchase they wouldn’t otherwise consider.”


With just over 3 million+ cycles sold in 2016 and the cycle industry contributing £72million in economic benefits for the UK in health terms, the market is strong but also very competitive.

Since 2004 when Westbrook recognised the importance of internet retailing they’ve been competitive within the market and offering finance online has become a big differentiator for them.

But having previously offered finance with a Deko competitor they chose to evaluate providers after a period of declining acceptance rates and inferior monitoring and reporting capabilities to track their performance.


After evaluating providers in the market, Westbrook
decided to choose Deko for…

  • Excellent rates
  • Simple to integrate
  • Easy and friendly to deal with

James added, “The team at Deko are so helpful. However we don’t need to speak with them much as the process is so automated and the back office system gives you everything you need. The system was also simple for our web team to integrate.”

Through Deko, Westbrook offer 24 different loan offers to customers and see a 100% accept rate through 6 of these with interest free over 36 months and interest bearing at 9.9% over 12, 24 and 36 months being the most popular in terms of revenue generation for them.

Alex, Website Administrator at Westbrook Cycles said: “The service we’ve received from the whole of the Deko team from integration support to our quarterly review with our dedicated account manager who has helped us identify opportunities to grow, understand our customer demographic better and ways to get the most from finance has been second to none.”

In the last 8 months Westbrook Cycles have substantial growth compared with the previous provider over the same period and an increase in order volumes.


Westbrook see the value in having a dedicated account manager who is on hand to help their account grow and identify potential for opportunity and have just trialled Deko ‘Insights,’ a new business intelligence product which provides data analytics on finance performance, allowing Westbrook to track their KPI’s, identify trends or issues and identify least and most engaged demographics in real time and over time to inform their strategy.


The future for Westbrook is strong, their revenue from finance has made a real impact to their business and their customers are happy to have the option to spread the cost of their dream bike.

With the data provided from ‘Insights’ Westbrook are now looking at how they can better promote and market to their customer demographic to increase sales further, as well as implementing Deko’s unique AcceptPlus feature which cascades previously declined applications through multiple lenders so more customers are accepted than ever.

Paul, Director at Westbrook Cycles said, “Overall we’re really pleased with how the transition from our old provider to Deko has gone, we’ve seen real success in the last year and hope this continues as Deko enhance their product features and we use data to inform how we market to our customers.”

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