Testimonial: John Ryan By Design


Helping consumers find the perfect mattress based on a person’s sleeping habits, position and comfort. John Ryan by Design offers a personal service and expertise suiting to all ranges of sleeping requirements, with a mission to provide high end handmade quality mattresses at realistic prices.

Being new to finance John Ryan needed a company that would guide them on how to offer their consumers finance and bring to life their alternative payment options accelerating their business further.

Since launching with Deko Ryan the owner of John Ryan by Design had this to say:

We are a customer focused business which meant we needed to find a finance solution that takes a customer first approach.

 And being new to finance, we met with many different companies trying to find the right partner that will suit both our business and customer needs. From the beginning Deko provided professional support around what offering finance will mean for our customers, how the technology easily integrates into our offering and how best to advertise finance that will also complement our brand.

The consumer journey is fast, seamless and secure and we have already seen the benefits of partnering with a finance technology platform over using a traditional bank to offer finance.

With the number of applications steadily increasing week by week we have benefitted from immediate sales growth. We’re also delighted that 100% of our customers have been accepted during our first month of trading.’

John Ryan – Owner of John Ryan By Design

John Ryan By Design: https://johnryanbydesign.co.uk/finance/


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