We're Deko

We create innovative technology that connects lenders and merchants to help consumers finance the important things in life.

All of us want more financial flexibility from time to time. Our smart technology gives people access to the right finance at the right time in an ethical and responsible way. Simple for the customer, smart behind the scenes. Our technology is the best there is and has a huge impact on our merchants too - more sales, a great customer experience across any sales channel and it's really easy to do. We're trusted by a host of leading retailers and lenders and have a proven and profitable business. 

Why we're amazing

awesome-recognition.svg#asset:953Awesome recognition

A finalist in both the Retail Systems Awards for Innovation in Consumer Finance and the Moneyage Awards for Innovation in Consumer Finance we’re no stranger to recognition. But for us it’s really about what we do for our merchants. And with the likes of Samsung, Mothercare, Machine Mart and Game on the platform we’re clearly doing something right.

partners-for-life.svg#asset:954Partners for life

We have forged long-term partnerships with a panel of exemplary lenders including Close Brothers Retail Finance, Vanquis Bank, Omni Capital Retail Finance, Honeycomb and RateSetter.

innovation-explorers.svg#asset:955Innovation explorers

We're always looking for new ways to help people afford the important things in life. We love entering untapped markets with innovative solutions. We help people finance rent deposits, conveyancing costs and holidays as well as healthcare, education and retail. 

Performance and security

Our next-generation retail finance platform not only features fast, accurate decisoning, but also world-class data security and resilience.

We’re proud to have achieved a range of ISO certifications, testament to our secure and resilient platform and processes. We now hold ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 27001 (information security management) and ISO 22301 (business continuity management). We are also PCI-DSS level 3 compliant.

We identify and manage threats, take a pro-active approach to minimising impact, maintain critical functions online and eliminate downtime to accelerate recovery. 

Fraud busting 

To protect merchants and lenders from fraud we developed CreditSentry. It's a powerful risk management tool built into the Deko platform. Designed to help identify and prevent fraudulent finance applications at the point of sale, it works across all sales channels. It's our watchdog that keeps our fraud levels well below 0.1%.

In the beginning ...

We started back in 2008 when Scott Law realised technology could transform retail finance. His vision was to get rid of paper-based processes and let customers secure finance quickly and easily where they needed it most - at the point of sale. He founded Pay4Later and gathered a small team who spent the next two years building the platform. 

Reimagining consumer finance from the customers perspective has given us a unique approach and led to many technology firsts - paperless credit applications, digital signatures,  fast finance at checkout. Since then we've gone from strength to strength. More merchants, bigger brands, new lenders, growing teams and millions of customer applications.  

We continue to keep the customer at the heart of what we do. It's allowed us to pioneer new approaches,  create smart technology, develop the best user experience, create unique features and redefine the entire branded credit card market. 

We believe in the power of possibility. We'll keep building better and better technology so we can continue to say 'it's possible' to as many lenders, merchants and customers as we can.