We're different because we work with a whole panel of lenders rather than just one. That's important because no two lenders are the same. They all have different credit policies, different risk appetites and they want to lend to different people. 

Our broad lending panel + our smart technology gives merchants and consumers the greatest choice and ensures many more people can be accepted for finance. 

For merchants

When you join Deko your customers have access to our panel lenders. Our smart technology not only lets them arrange finance online but also allows their application to be considered by more than one lender. 

AcceptPlus, our smart acceptance rate boosting feature, is only possible because we have multiple lenders. It allows us to make sure customers are given the greatest chance possible of being accepted for finance. An applicant rejected by one lender is automatically routed to another lender to increase the chance of success. 

The combined power of smart technology and multiple lenders increases accept rate, resulting in more sales and more happy customers for you.   

For lenders

We give you access to the most sophisticated technology available that can originate loans right where customers need it most - at the point of sale. Our ruthless focus on conversion and developing smart solutions for lenders and merchants mean we can give you the best outcomes and the smartest tools to manage your own solution. 

If you're interested in joining our lending panel or licencing our technology for your own white-label solution then please get in touch

About our lenders

Our lenders are diverse but experienced. Between them they've lent billions of pounds over hundreds of years. They include long established financial institutions, newer lenders entering the market and specialist lenders who are experts in helping consumers with thin credit files.