Offering your customers finance is a proven way to increase sales. It gives them an easy way to spread the cost through either fixed instalments or ongoing finance with a branded credit card.  

Choosing the right technology is crucial as it impacts how many customers complete their purchase, the customer experience and the sales channels available. But don't worry, we're here to help! 

In this section, we look at some of the basics to help you understand how it works, the importance of technology and the benefits for you and your customers. 

Why choose finance?

increase-sales.svg#asset:956Increase Sales

Offering finance significantly boosts sales and increases average order value. Our merchants have seen increases of up to 45% by using finance and a 10-20% uplift for merchants moving from other providers is common. It's all down to the smart tech. It's why we can guarantee to boost revenue and raise acceptance rates.

customer-experience.svg#asset:957Customer Experience

Customers can choose to pay now or later. Online or mobile, in-store or phone - the fully automated process is easy and customers receive a loan decision in seconds. Our solution can be neatly presented at checkout and we provide additional tools, including a finance calculator, to help your customers along the way. 

easy-use.svg#asset:959Easy to use

Simple to integrate with existing sales channels, you can be up and running in no time. It's easy for customers, easy for store staff and simple for phone agents too. We also provide dedicated set-up support, a range of professional services and access to a host of tools, tips and experts to ensure your success with consumer finance. 

How it works

Here we take you through the 5 main steps of the process to help you understand how it works and why the right technology really makes a difference at each stage. 

With Deko you can be up and running in no time at all. We'll help you every step of the way with our experts, guides and resources. 

1. Offer finance

You choose the loan offer you want to provide your customers. Everything from interest free, interest bearing (up to 49.9%), multiple durations (up to 120 months) and various deposit levels are available. We'll help you select the right option depending on the conversion rate you want and your target audience. 

Our interactive finance calculator lets customers see exactly what each option means for them including total amount payable and monthly repayments of various options and deposit amounts.

2. Apply for finance

Once your customer has selected their finance offer they need to make an application. Our online form, optimised for mobile, takes just 3 minutes to capture the basic details needed for the loan application. This can be integrated into your ecommerce site, used by in-store staff or even sent to consumers by text or email for them to complete later.

3. Instant decision

Once the application is submitted our smart technology takes just 4 seconds to return a decision. In this time the customer's credit report is accessed and analysed, along with the application details compared against our lenders criteria. Applicants not accepted for the selected loan may be offered an alternative with the same or a different lender. Our smart AcceptPlus technology maximises their chance of being accepted by drawing on our entire panel of lenders. If a lender is willing to offer more than the customer has applied for this can be offered via our shadow limits feature.

4. Complete application

Once approved the customer can complete the application online. All the necessary documents can be reviewed and confirmed with an electronic signature. Deposit payments can be taken and any additional documentation required can be uploaded online.

5. Make the sale

Finance is confirmed and the sale is made. You're paid directly by the lender and settlements are completed daily. The lender then collects the repayments and deals with the customer about their loan.

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