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Newpay, a digital credit payment option

Newpay, a digital credit payment option

Newpay is the digital credit account that oozes simplicity, choice and flexibility. Our seamless integration with your checkout experience drives up customer basket size and encourages repeat purchases.


It’s simple, easy and flexible

Newpay has been designed to seamlessly slot into your customer’s buying experience. Once approved, customers can simply login and pay securely in one quick and easy process.
Newpay is provided by NewDay, a lender with over 20 years of experience and trusted by millions of consumers.

How Newpay can supercharge your business

Increase sales

Helps drive bigger baskets and deliver new customers.

cash flow
Support cash

cash flow Partners get paid quickly in full, like receiving a credit card payment.

New customers

Through a broad spectrum lender, Newpay can responsibly accept more customers.

A range of finance options

Flexible instalments plans (6-48 months) are available. Perfect for big or small baskets. Allowing customers to purchase what they want.

Repeat purchases

Newpay is designed to help drive repeat purchases, reduce dropout and encourage better conversion.

retail warranty

Newpay covers fraud and credit risk, keeping both merchants and customers safe.


Does your company meet the following criteria?

  • At least one year of trading
  • Average basket value up to £2500
  • No minimum turnover needed
  • Finance available for online payments only
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How it works in 5 steps

Finance options will be presented to your customers while they browse online.

During the application process, NewDay will check their eligibility.

APR and credit limit offered instantly - then customers continue to shop.

As customers approach checkout they notice Newpay is a payment method.

They simply finalise the application and select the plan which suits their credit profile.