8th Aug 2016

AcceptPlus revolutionises point of sale financing

Today we announced the launch of AcceptPlus, a new feature that substantially increases the number of consumers accepted for point-of-sale credit.

We are unique in having a panel of lenders as well as the smart technology to automatically route customers to the right lender. For merchants this means higher acceptance rates, increased revenue and happier customers at no extra cost or effort. For the customers this results in credit being more attainable, thus enabling them to more easily afford the important things in life.

We work with a panel of lenders, each with different credit policies and criteria. AcceptPlus allows credit applications to be routed sequentially to multiple credit products offered by one or more lenders, to increase the chance of customers being approved for credit. All this happens instantly (without the customer or merchant having to reapply) and a decision is returned within 8 seconds.

Scott Law, CEO, said "We are the innovation leader in point of sale finance. We were the first to introduce paperless and e-signature, the first multi-channel solution, the first to introduce mobile optimised processes and now the first to introduce multi-lender with AcceptPlus. Already we're seeing that 20% of previously declined applications are being approved."

We are the only point of sale finance platform that offers merchants access to multiple lenders, spanning the credit spectrum and the smart technology to increase approval rates.

Results from the initial merchant trials have been excellent. 88% of consumers have accepted an alternative finance option offered. AcceptPlus was recently shortlisted for a MoneyAge Innovation in Consumer Finance award.