7th Feb 2017

Tony Wyatt joins as COO

We're pleased to welcome Tony Wyatt as our new Chief Operating Officer. Tony will oversee operations, ensure we achieve our goals, deepen lender and merchant relationships and help us to bring a host of innovative consumer credit solutions to market.

Tony brings a wealth of experience across retail, banking and IT. He started his career 45 years ago as a programmer for Midland Bank, eventually becoming Chief Information Officer for the retail banking division before the HSBC merger. He's since held management roles in operations and technology at Bank of Ireland, Santander, AT&T and Guardian Royal Exchange. Tony has also held board and non-executive roles for no less than 11 organisations during his career.

CEO Scott Law had this to say…"Tony brings a very important combination of skills and experience to the business that will be invaluable as we grow. Tony's been working with us since last summer and is already an integral part of the team. We have many opportunities so it's great to have someone as calm and focused as Tony to help us execute."

We caught up with Tony and our first question was "Why did you join?" His response…

"You mean why did I come out of retirement?! Honestly, I think the business Scott and the board have built is outstanding. The first-generation concept was great and Scott's been able to build and refine that, whereas many of our competitors are still only on the first rung of the ladder. Now, with a focused management team in place and cutting edge engineering and product teams the platform is evolving rapidly.

To move forward there is a need to keep innovating, to build deeper partnerships and to never stand still. I've seen this determination in everyone here and it's what excites me too."

We welcome Tony and look forward to his insight and direction. A final clue to Tony's ethos "I was put on earth to make decisions, not just go with the consensus."

Despite being a master of technology, Tony's no fan of social media so you won't find him on LinkedIn or Twitter. He's forged his diverse and successful career on his wits and charm alone (talking and meeting people) and tells us has no intention of changing that now!