The Deko Difference

We're on your side

We're not a bank or a lender - we're tech specialists. Tech that boosts sales, increases AOV and creates a simple, delightful customer journey for both retail finance and co-branded credit cards. Our multi-lender panel covers a broad credit spectrum, so we can offer finance to even more of your customers. The best tech combined with the right lenders will make a real impact on your revenue. 

Truly omni-channel

A great experience in-store, online, on mobile and even over the phone. Everyone claims it, but our platform is truly tailored to the needs of each channel. Finance is consistent and easy, wherever and whenever the customer wants to make the purchase. Critical as over 65% of finance applications are now mobile.

Passionate about conversion

Getting consumers to the end of the purchase funnel is our goal. Our comprehensive CRO strategy includes our meticulously crafted application process, multi-variate testing and AcceptPlus, our smart decision engine. But we don't stop there. We're continuously improving to deliver more for merchants. 

Deko delivers huge benefits for merchants including:

Increased revenue

Offering finance attracts new customers and increases average order values. Deko merchants have seen revenue increases of 45% by using finance and 50% sales uplift for merchants moving from other retail finance providers is common. It's all down to the smart tech. It's why we can guarantee to boost revenue and raise acceptance rates.

Improved customer experience

Customers can choose to pay now or later, online or mobile, in-store or over the phone. Our fully automated credit application process is designed mobile-first and with the customer in mind. We use the latest in user experience design to keep it quick, simple and to keep customers moving through the purchase funnel. 

Our streamlined process integrates seamlessly with your checkout. We provide additional tools to help your customers choose the right credit product including finance calculators and elegant presentation of any alternative offer available through AcceptPlus. 

Easy to do

Our platform is simple to implement and you can be up and running in no time. With one easy integration, you can access multiple lenders and offer your customers finance whenever they want, wherever they are. 

It's easy to manage too. Our BackOffice platform lets you see all your consumer applications, create and manage users, set access permissions, launch in-store or phone applications and complete orders. 

Our experts will be on hand to help you get set-up and ensure your ongoing success with consumer finance. 

New to finance 

If you're new to the world of consumer finance, step this way.  We'll tell you everything you need to know including how it works, the options available, how other merchants maximise sales, the revenue benefit you can expect as well as all the best tips and tricks to ensure your success. 

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Existing finance user  

If you're already using consumer finance with another provider you'll know the basics already. Here we get straight to the point so you can see exactly how we're different, why the right technology has a big impact on revenue and why so many merchants are moving to us. 

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