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Why partner with Deko

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Offer BNPL through Deko and earn a percentage of the customer loan value, boosting your average client lifetime value

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage

Connect your clients to a multi-lender platform that increases conversion rates by 15% on average compared to other providers

Tailored Merchant Solutions

Tailored Merchant Solutions

Provide your clients with a range of solutions, including instalment finance, 0% options, interest-bearing, deferred payments and digital credit

Improve Client Relationships

Improve client relationships

Cater to your merchants' ever-changing needs with flexible
finance solutions

Broader Client Reach

Broader client reach

Serve a wider range of merchants with comprehensive basket size coverage of up to £25,000

Seamless Integration

Automated onboarding

Bulk import merchant data and let Deko handle the end-to-end onboarding process

How it works

Built for partners

Our platform is tailored for B2B SaaS companies and Payment Service Providers, supporting partners and their merchants across various use cases. We prioritise seamless collaboration, offering turnkey automated onboarding for a hands off experience, allowing partners to concentrate on their core business. 

Our flexible, future-proof solution caters to evolving merchant needs and the ever-changing financial landscape. With access to our complete suite of lenders, products, and services via a single API, partners spend less time in the back office and more time adding value to their merchants.

Who we can partner with

Seize the moment

The well-established BNPL industry accounts for 6% of UK basket share and is set to continue to grow as younger generations choose digital forms of credit over traditional credit cards. Traditional BNPLs can increase merchant sales by up to 30%. But, with Deko's multi-lender solution, partners can achieve a further 15% in conversions over incumbent providers. 

Don't miss out on the BNPL revolution. Partner with Deko, capitalise on growing demand, expand your business, and reap the financial rewards of providing a truly competitive and innovative finance solution.

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