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Customer support

If you have a question regarding your finance application through Deko, you can contact our support team on support@dekopay.com or 0800 294 5891.

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Email - emergency technical support only

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Pre-application queries

Who are Deko?

Deko is a trading name of Pay4Later Ltd, a sister company of Newday Ltd. We are registered in England and Wales (company number: 06447333) and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (register number: 728646). We are a credit broker, not a lender. Our technology enables you to apply for finance for goods with our simple online and in-store application process. For more information, please visit www.dekopay.com

How does Deko work?

When you apply for credit online, Deko securely captures, formats and transmits your application to the lender. If your application is approved, we keep the retailer and the lender updated as your order is processed and delivered.


Deko works differently if your application is rejected at retailers that are connected to our multi-lender offering. In this situation, your application will be automatically passed from the primary lender to an alternative lender. It will then be processed again and you will be provided with a final decision.

How do I apply for credit?

Simply complete our online credit application form then carefully read the agreement and related information. If you are happy to proceed, you can sign the agreement online and click a button to send it to the lender for a quick decision. If you are approved you'll be asked to pay the deposit online using a credit or debit card. Upon receipt of your deposit payment, the lender will authorise the retailer to proceed with your order.

How do I ask a question about the Credit Agreement?

If you have a question, if there is anything you do not understand or if you require any further information regarding the credit agreement, please call us on 0800 294 5891 or seek free, independent advice from organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or the Money Advice Service (now known as Money Helper).

How long does it take to apply online?

Our online application form typically takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Your application is then instantly sent to the lender and they will typically respond with their decision in around 10 seconds. Some applications may take longer to process. If for any reason we can't give you an instant decision, we'll send you an email the moment the lender makes a decision.

I've been approved for credit and paid the deposit. What happens next?

We will authorise the retailer to process your order. The retailer will then notify us when they have delivered your order in full. The lender will then write to you to confirm the repayment amounts and the schedule of repayments.

What are the requirements for finance?
Each of our lenders has a different set of requirements but typically they include the following:

  • You must be 18 years old or over.
  • In regular full or part time employment (minimum 16 hours per week, unless you are retired, a houseperson with a spouse in full time employment, or you are in receipt of disability living allowance).
  • Be a permanent UK resident and able to supply a UK address history for the last 3 years.You must have a UK bank account capable of accepting Direct Debits.
  • No adverse credit history (no CCJ's, IVA's or bankruptcies).
  • The goods must be delivered to your home address.
  • The deposit must be paid using a credit or debit card.
Can I apply for credit over the phone or in person?

Please contact your retailer who will advise you if they can arrange credit over the phone or in person.

Post-application queries:

Why was my application declined

Applications can be declined for a whole host of reasons. Unfortunately, we are not given the reason why a customer is declined for a credit application. The authorisation process is carried out by the lender and Deko has no part in the decision. The decline message is sent to us by the lender, with no justification or explanation. If you wish to find out more please contact the lender directly. Their details can be found in the email you received from us confirming the lending decision.

I want to settle my loan in full

If you would like to pay off your loan in full or make an extra payment, you can do so by contacting your lender. Their details can be found in the emails you have received from us in the past. This is also the case if you would like to change your Direct Debit details or find out your remaining balance.

What is a credit search?

A credit search occurs when a lender investigates your credit report. They’re looking to see how you manage your credit now, and how you’ve managed it in the past. This search may then be recorded on your credit report for other third parties to see. This is useful to lenders because if you’ve made multiple applications for credit recently, it could suggest to them that you have an urgent need for credit which you may struggle to pay back.


We will first connect you to the lender who offers the best representative APRs (annual percentage rate of interest). They will then perform a credit search. If this lender declines your application we may connect you to a second lender, and potentially a third lender as well. These searches could be a combination of ‘soft’ searches (which do not appear on your credit report) and ‘hard’ credit searches (which do appear on your credit report). The type of search performed varies from lender to lender.

I’m having problems paying my deposit online

Please carefully re-enter all your card details. Your card must be enabled for 3-D Secure for the lender to take payment online, and the address your card is registered to must match the address on your finance application. Please note: our lenders cannot take card payments over the phone or by any other means.

I’ve got a question about the status of my finance application

Please contact your retailer directly. You should be able to find their contact details on their website or on an order confirmation email. We can also assist with any generic finance application queries, you can reach us over email at support@dekopay.com.

How do I cancel my order?

Contact the retailer directly if you would like to cancel your order and subsequently withdraw from your finance agreement. You should be able to find their contact information on their website or an order confirmation email.

How do I amend my order?

Contact the retailer directly if you want to amend any part of your order, including delivery. You should be able to find their contact information on their website or an order confirmation email.

Is Deko secure?

Security is an important concern for both the consumer and the retailer during an online transaction. In reality, an online transaction is often more secure than a transaction in a shop or conducted over the telephone, as the information transmitted online is highly encrypted. Our finance gateway uses proven techniques to ensure the security and integrity of sensitive data.


Our public web servers are certified by Global Sign, a leading Certificate Authority, ensuring that both the consumer and the retailer can have confidence that nobody can impersonate Deko to obtain confidential information. Data storage on Deko systems and the communication between Deko and our partner lenders networks is regularly audited to the highest standards to ensure a secure transaction environment. This includes regular third-party testing for vulnerabilities and reviews of application security and access control procedures.