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Welcome to Deko

We make finance accessible for more people. Our aim is to simplify your application process and to create a smooth and seamless checkout experience. Financial flexibility at your fingertips.


Financing your purchase with Deko

Applying for finance through Deko is simple. We share your entire application with our panel of lenders, who will use the information to make a final decision on your finance application.

We are a credit broker, not a lender, meaning your finance will be provided by one of our partner lenders. The commission we earn from our lenders does not influence the interest rates you pay, and you will be offered the best rate available to you from our lenders through our platform.


How it works

A step-by-step guide.


Reach checkout

Choose Deko or our digital credit account Newpay when you reach checkout.


Credit application

Enter in the required personal and financial information to submit your application to our lender(s).


Application decision

Wait whilst the connected lender provides an outcome on your application.


Complete purchase

If accepted for finance, choose your repayment plan and then complete your purchase.



Make your repayments on time and in full for the entirety of the loan period.

Our panel

Deko operates in partnership with a carefully selected panel of lenders to provide you with a range of credit options at checkout. Our panel ensures you are connected to a lender and a repayment plan best suited to your financial needs. The different finance products available to customers through our platform include instalment credit, deferred payments and digital credit (Newpay).

All our lenders have a defined eligibility list, meaning we only connect customers to finance who meet basic lending criteria. Our lenders will only provide finance if they are confident that a customer will be able to maintain the monthly repayments.

Deko - For Customers

How we handle complaints

We take complaints very seriously. For more information please see our complaints procedure.

Learn more
Deko Partner Support

Wondering how we and our lenders can help?

Examples of queries Deko can help resolve:
  • “Why isn’t the application form working?”

  • “Why am I receiving an error message part way through the application?”

  • “Why isn’t my proof of identity uploading?”

  • “Why am I running into an error when trying to pay the deposit?”

  • “How do I amend my application?”

  • “Why haven’t I received the goods or service from the retailer?”

Examples of queries your connected lender can resolve:
  • “Can I use alternative identification to what’s listed?”

  • “Can I use an alternative delivery address?”

  • “When is my first repayment due?”

  • “Can I make a lump sum payment?”

  • “Why is my application decision in ‘refer’ status?”

  • “Why have I been declined?”