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Your all-in-one multi-lender finance platform

This unique approach unlocks our vision to finance every basket. At Deko we’re driven by helping retailers convert sales. Our platform is mobile-first with a responsive easy-to-use digital application journey.

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What are the benefits to me?

Increase conversions

Convert more of your applications to accepts with multiple lenders


Wider audience

Give more customers the option to utilise finance at your checkout


Increase basket size

Grow your average order value through upselling

What are the benefits to my customers?



Give your customers financial flexibility to buy the products they love

cash flow

Interest-free period

Your customers will be offered an introductory interest-free period which varies by loan length


Easy application process

A seamless user experience enables customers to apply for credit hassle-free

How it works


What are the benefits to my customers?

Businesses stay with Deko because flexibility and choice are built into our platform. We’re an all-in-one solution that combines different checkout finance products alongside a range of integrated lenders.

We connect your business with the best suited lenders and in the process say yes to more consumers at checkout.