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Making Education Accessible: Acacia Training's Journey

Acacia Training's Journey

A brief history of Acacia Training

Acacia Training is an award-winning education provider who specialises in the health and wellbeing sector. It’s Ofsted graded and aims to make education accessible to everyone with classes designed to meet the needs of learners and employers. 

Founded on the principle of wanting to “deliver training differently”, Acacia Training has been going strong for 20 years, working alongside different organisations to support their mission. It works to promote improved professional environments in its own organisation and the wider workforce. 

The problem faced by Acacia Training

Acacia Training found there was high demand for its classes. However, many potential learners faced booking issues as there weren’t enough flexible finance options available to spread the cost of classes. 

While some could implement the use of government funding to pay for the highly valuable course, others found themselves without any help. It meant they were left behind, struggling to find the finance needed to pay for a class.

Therefore, a significant proportion of potential learners required alternative and cost-effective payment solutions to tap into Acacia’s learning resources and get the access they required. There was an increased need for services allowing them to spread payments over several months. 

A solution with Deko

With a desire to offer flexible finance to its customers, Acacia Training partnered with Deko to find a solution that suited everyone involved. Deko’s financing options, such as the monthly payment product, meant Acacia was able to support learners who wanted to break up payments for their education. 

Working with Deko means Acacia can now accept a higher volume of learners by offering alternative finance and greater flexibility. It allows Acacia to diversify its customer base and provide more world-class educational resources. 

More learning and better access

Since Acacia offered flexible payment options, more learners have been given the opportunity to take part in educational classes. Now, Acacia can offer finance to clients to  individuals who use the courses. 

Everyone can apply for a loan application quickly, easily and informatively. And Deko was there to help along the way, ensuring Acacia integrated the technology into its setup without any hiccups, thanks to a dedicated account manager from Deko. 

The final word from Acacia Training

Deko was the most responsive consumer finance provider and, from my experience, the most helpful, particularly when we had been approved and needed to integrate the technology. Our account manager kept me fully informed at each stage. We have students ready to apply and are receiving enquiries. ” Victoria Sylvester, Managing Director at Acacia Training.