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Calgary Just Companies converting more ‘big ticket’ orders with Deko

A brief history of Calgary Just Companies

A family-run business with over 50 years of experience, Calgary Just Companies

(CJC) is an expert in all things horticultural and leisure. Operating its three brands, Just Lawnmowers, Just Generators and Just Honda, CJC provides consumers with everything they need for maintenance, upkeep and DIY jobs. 

Offering services for B2C and B2B, both sets of customers benefit from a wide range of products that include lawnmowers, ride-on mowers, chainsaws, garden tools and other garden machinery. And it’s all delivered by a premium personal white-glove service.  

The problem faced by Calgary Just Companies

Operating three separate brands is a significant task, and problems are only heightened when so many products are considered “big ticket” items. Customers with a need to purchase goods like lawnmowers and other garden machinery often found themselves facing roadblocks. 

With limited payment options at checkout, CJC saw a drop-off in customers at a key stage in the sales journey. Without more finance options for more expensive payments, too many consumers abandoned their carts at checkout.

This posed a significant problem for CJC, as they wanted to increase sales and increase the number of people transacting on higher-priced items while staying competitive and offering better services than competitors.

A solution with Deko

Understanding the need for more flexible finance options, Calgary Just Companies turned to Deko. Using the Deko Monthly product, CJC could offer its customers flexible finance at checkout with credit options ranging between £250 and £25,000. 

This allowed for easier access to those big-ticket items that were previously dropping off at the checkout stage. With Deko Monthly, CJC was able to challenge its competitors while offering its customers a greater range of financing options. 

Deko’s understanding of the retail finance space helped CJC gain the upper hand. And a seamless integration, along with expert guidance from Deko employees who helped CJC throughout every step of the journey, proved a successful combination for CJC. 

Increased sales and revenue

It didn’t take long for the partnership with Deko to generate results. Since implementing Deko Monthly, CJC has seen a healthy uptake of higher-priced orders, as customers now have increased options for financing their purchases. 

CJC has met the demand of its customer base while enjoying higher revenue streams across all three brands. Deko’s easy integration has also made the process a seamless one while ensuring there were no hiccups along the way.   


The final word from Calgary Just Companies

“We needed to be able to offer finance to our customers as many had been asking for it, and it was already being offered by our competitors. So a business decision was taken to provide more flexible finance options.

“We partnered with Deko, and they assured us they would hold our hand along every step of the way and offer as much assistance as we required to get up and running. This has proved to be a very wise choice as they were true to their word and made the whole process seamless. 

The Deko technology is so straightforward and easy to use, and it was simple for our staff to be trained up. We made a wise decision, and we’re very pleased we chose Deko to help us boost customer numbers and increase revenue.” Stuart Drake, Operations Manager at Calgary Just Companies