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Camera Centre UK, closing the gap with their competitors with Pay Monthly

A brief history of Camera Centre UK

Camera Centre UK is steeped in history and goes back three generations, first opening in 1977. Today, there are two branches in Cardiff and Newport, as well as a nationwide offering via Camera Centre’s website. 

With more than 30 years of experience, Camera Centre UK is an expert in all things photography. It sells a wide range of digital cameras, camcorders, drones, telescopes, binoculars, photographic equipment and accessories, both online and in-store. 

Consumers can also sell their current camera equipment, with Camera Centre UK excelling at buying and selling to provide a fully comprehensive service. 

The problem faced by Camera Centre UK

A growing number of competitors began using finance options, meaning Camera Centre UK was left to play catch up. As the pandemic kicked in, so too did the demand for flexible finance options, including a greater desire to pay for items over several instalments.

Camera Centre UK’s website was a key platform for reaching customers who were unable to shop in-store, but they didn’t have options for how they would pay for products. This means specific items weren’t selling as well as they could. 

Many of the items listed on Camera Centre UK’s website are of higher value and easily go into the hundreds, making them more intimidating for consumers with lower budgets. Therefore, Camera Centre UK risked losing out to the competition that offered more flexible payment options. 

A solution with Deko

Camera Centre UK had previously heard about Deko’s finance offering in the industry and decided to partner with us to offer its customers more financing options at the checkout stage. Deko helped solve Camera Centre UK’s issues, as our Pay Monthly product allowed them to offer greater access to products at higher price points. 

As Camera Centre UK grows, it plans to utilise Deko further on a range of products. That means offering finance on both higher and lower-priced items, as there is a clear appetite for flexible options on a range of price points. 

Results that speak for themself

Since implementing alternative payment options from Deko, Camera Centre UK has seen a 15-20 per cent increase in items sold through finance, despite only being live for three months. The numbers are higher than initially anticipated, and it bodes well for the future. 

The ease of use has also been a highlight for Camera Centre UK. By implementing Pay Monthly, customers now have flexible options to make payment, be it on big-ticket items or smaller value purchase. And it’s a seamless experience, too. Customers don’t need to ask questions and instead fill out the application form with little hesitation.

Camera Centre UK employees also benefit from having access to a personal account manager at Deko, who guides them through their journey and ensures everything is running smoothly and both merchants and customers are reaping the full benefits from our finance options.  

The final word from Camera Centre UK

“The addition of Deko finance to our website checkout has added a new and prosperous revenue stream that’s been performing far better than expected in its initial few months. Importantly it has allowed photographers and videographers access to a huge range of equipment that may otherwise be unaffordable, especially for those just starting out.”  Ecommerce manager, Ollie Elliott