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e-Careers - Growing alongside our lender panel

A brief history of e-Careers

e-Careers has delivered industry-recognised courses and trained more than 600,000 people from 50 countries since 2011. The award-winning EdTech solution also provides accredited courses to colleges, businesses and government bodies. 

Through online courses, virtual classrooms and on-site services, it teaches skill sets using technology-driven solutions designed to prepare people for the workforce. Courses cover a wide variety of professional training, including accounting, bookkeeping, cyber security, human resources and digital marketing. 

The challenge

E-learning courses have the potential to change people’s trajectories and help them secure jobs in different sectors. A range of individuals and businesses frequently participate in courses, whether it’s to adapt to workforce requirements by learning new tech skills or enhancing employee skills in organisations. 

The benefits of e-learning are apparent, but financing these courses can be expensive and cost hundreds and thousands of pounds. Some learners find covering the total amount in one go difficult, especially in the current cost of living crisis impacting the country. 

The team at e-Careers is well aware of the bottlenecks people face when paying for e-learning. To mitigate this, it decided it needed to offer finance and allow learners to spread the costs of courses via alternative payment methods.

However, the challenge they faced was that finance lenders’ terms often change over time, which means what was initially a good fit no longer matches their needs. This potential disruption would force e-Careers to repeat the lengthy process of finding a new lender, or otherwise accept reduced or even halted purchases of e-learning courses through finance.

The solution

On several occasions lenders working with e-Careers have changed their business terms and restricted finance offerings - for example, a previous lender pulled out of the market to focus on personal loans. However, e-Careers’ partnership with Deko has meant that finding a new lender has been seamless whenever this has happened. Deko’s multi-lender solution enables this quick matching and allows e-Careers and other companies to continue lending to its clients without disruption.

Some of the lenders Deko has connected e-Careers with over its seven years of partnership have been so successful that they’ve generated over £3 million in lending. Our ability to match finance lenders with e-Careers is one of the many reasons the partnership has lasted so long. 

Referencing e-Career’s relationship with Deko, Varun Bhatt Co-CEO, says, “Being able to offer finance is a major part of our setup, and our sales will drop considerably if we don’t have it as an option. With Deko we have a partner that can connect us to the best lenders, which lets us continue offering vitally helpful solutions for customers so they can study potentially life-changing courses.”

Going from strength to strength

e-Careers continues to see encouraging results, with a significant portion of its turnover coming through finance. With more than half of its clients spreading the cost with flexible payment options, it’s vital that e-Careers has quick and easy access to lenders when needed.

With Deko, it can be up and running with a new lender in a matter of days and sometimes even sooner - whether this is because of a lender pulling out of the market, or a new lender being more suited to their needs. 

As a result of quick access to finance, eCommerce sales have increased at e-Careers. The company has benefited from the flexibility finance offers, as have the customers who can study important courses and enhance their futures without burdening the entire cost upfront. 

The final word from e-Careers

“ As the only platform capable of offering multi-lender options, Deko is unique. We have been with them for more than seven years and are always confident the team will find the right lender solution for e-Careers.” - Varun Bhatt, Co-CEO