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Harley Street Hair Clinic sees conversions quadruple with Deko

The Challenge:  Alleviate financial pressures involved with paying for cosmetic surgery with the right alternative payment method.

The Outcome: After partnering with Deko to offer customers flexible payment solutions, the Harley Street Hair Clinic saw impressive results, with conversions quadrupling.

A brief history of Harley Street Hair Clinic                                                                       

The Harley Street Hair Clinic is a world-leading facility known for its renowned surgeons and procedures, with results that have helped change the stigma around hair loss in both men and women. 

Located on London’s famous Harley Street, the clinic is the only one of its kind to use modern FUE procedures for high-quality and natural results. Previous customers include the likes of former England footballer Wayne Rooney, and the Harley Street Hair Clinic is no stranger to good press, having featured in GQ magazine, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

The problem faced by Harley Street Hair Clinic

The Harley Street Hair Clinic is a world-leading hair implant clinic for both men and women with a reputation for providing impressive results. But cosmetic treatment is expensive, which often leads to customers choosing lower-quality options with cheaper clinics over budgetary concerns.

When it comes to the body, however, you only have one attempt at getting the desired results, and too often, customers are left disappointed. Therefore, the Harley Street Hair Clinic wanted to ensure its customers had the best treatment available to them while being able to spread the cost.

This led them to look for a partner that could offer the right type of flexible finance options. Unfortunately, its first finance provider The Harley Street Clinic partnered with was unable to provide the service previously promised. Director Nadeem Uddin Khan got in touch with Deko after receiving a recommendation from a peer at the Institute of Directors (IOD).

The solution with Deko

Deko and The Harley Street Hair Clinic have enjoyed a strong and successful relationship for five years. By providing finance alongside other payment methods, the clinic can offer more clients access to its FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedures. As a result, people needing treatment can pay with an instalment plan that suits them, and Harley Street Hair Clinic can cater for a broader range of clients with its high-quality treatments.

Deko offered a turnkey approach, meaning the Harley Street Hair Clinic quickly implemented a finance payment option for its customers without any issues. The clinic and Deko have gone from strength to strength. Nadeem is quick to express his delight at Deko’s support team and the ability to work with them to identify key trends to help move the business forward.

Results that speak for themself

The Harley Street Clinic has increased marketing efforts around promoting its finance options, displaying Deko across its website and in regular marketing emails. The extra exposure has led to impressive results, with conversions more than quadrupling.

By offering information about finance on its digital platforms, the clinic has been able to educate clients and help offer them more clarity about the process. As a result, the Harley Street Hair Clinic has achieved an impressive average order value between £8-10k, with around a 94% acceptance rate and business more than trebling.

The final word from Harley Street Hair Clinic

“Deko’s platform is easy to use for our patients and the team here at Harley Street Clinic. It offers transparency on how the lending criteria and process works. And with flexible finance options, we can now offer a larger number of patients to access high-quality surgery.”