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JT Pickfords' partnership with Deko provides a personalised sales experience

A brief history of JT Pickfords

JT Pickfords has built a reputation by using its own design specification to develop, manufacture and import premium bathroom products. Its unique approach allows the business to provide a bespoke service, offering exceptional customer experience and great value for money.

Operating for more than 60 years, and with showrooms in Rotherham and Sheffield, JT Pickfords has successfully combined local knowledge with a digital approach. This has allowed the business to expand and broaden its customer base over the years.

The problem faced by JT Pickfords

JT Pickfords is no stranger to using retail finance, which has given customers more options when it comes to spending on bathroom products (which can be expensive purchases). However, it felt stifled by its previous finance partner.

Even though finance options were available, JT Pickfords didn’t feel confident the provider was working hard enough as a sales tool. The result was low demand from people applying for finance, as well as lower acceptance rates, not to mention a frustrated company who felt it could achieve more.

With little support from the previous retail finance partner, JT Pickfords knew its finance options should perform better and drive up customer demand and revenue. Therefore, the business needed to work with a partner that understood how the company operated and knew the type of finance its customers needed to experience better checkout processes.

A solution with Deko

Deko stepped in and offered a two-fold solution. The first was to provide JT Pickford’s customers with a personalised sales experience that met their challenges and communicated the finance offers available in a transparent and easily digestible way.

The second was to offer a product with a range of lenders, so applicants had more options for borrowing finance. This would reduce the number of people who were being denied finance, allowing JT Pickfords to offer a larger pool of financial options to offer its customers.

With a streamlined application process, the goal was to get more customers accepted for finance at the checkout stage. As the UK’s only multi-lender, Deko already had the platform in place to meet JT Pickford’s needs and help increase sales.

Results that speak for themself

Thanks to Deko’s multi-lender approach, JT Pickford’s saw an increase in customers both applying for finance and being accepted. It meant the businesses’ bottom line increased as more people had access to finance to purchase bathroom products.

Deko was able to meet the goals set out by JT Pickford’s and open up the bathroom specialist’s products to a larger number of customers. If a customer was rejected for finance, Deko’s platform would automatically look for the next available lender to mitigate the chances of finance rejection.

JT Pickfords were able to offer new finance options quickly to its customer base while increasing acceptance rates. The result was a better business setup, aimed at finding the right finance for the right person while keeping customers happy.

The final word from JT Pickfords

“We chose Deko after considering various finance companies. They were the fastest off the mark to provide us the information we needed before making a decision, and everything part of the experience was seamless. Our acceptance rates are far higher than with the previous finance provider.” Group Buyer and Online Sales Manager, Andrew Morley.