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Introducing seamless Digital Credit With Newpay

August 16, 2021 | By:

Your customers want flexibility when it comes to paying for goods and services. Therefore, it’s important that merchants meet those growing trends by increasing the finance options available at checkout.

At Deko, we continue to grow our ecosystem with the exciting launch of Newpay, a digital credit account offering a great range of features. Newpay could help drive sales by giving your customers more responsible financial flexibility at the checkout stage. The addition of Newpay further underlines our commitment to partnering with lenders that fit all basket sizes, with Newpay slotting nicely in the mid-level basket range.

We’ve put together this guide so that you can learn more about Newpay and how it helps improve conversion and your check out experience.

What is Newpay?

Newpay is a digital credit account designed to help your customers split larger purchases into smaller payments. Once approved, customers can seamlessly make regular purchases on your website, and they won’t have to re-apply.

Customers will know if they’re eligible for a Newpay account without impacting their credit score. They can apply either at the checkout or during their shopping experience with you. Once approved they can start purchasing instantly. Newpay is simple and integrates seamlessly into your current customer journey.

  • Newpay offers responsible credit limits from £250 to £2,500 once accepted
  • Customers can instantly purchase once approved
  • Customers simply select ‘Newpay’ at your checkout whenever they want to use their Newpay account again
How Newpay helps merchants

Newpay is designed to make the shopping experience effortless, while helping businesses improve customer engagement and basket performance at check out. Consumers want more ways to pay, seamless convenience and increased flexibility. Newpay helps brands offer this.

Merchant benefits of using Newpay include:
Fully integrated

Newpay easily blends into your website, meaning customers enjoy a fluid purchase journey by simply logging in and paying securely in one seamless digital process. Nothing changes from their point of view, and the buying experience won’t be interrupted.

Tools and support

We guide Merchants through the setup journey and provide a full toolkit and guidelines for making the most of Newpay. These resources will help you responsibly share Newpay in the right way with your customers.

Easy to use
Purpose-built technology means Newpay is quick to implement and comes with high-levelnsupport from the team here at Deko. We manage and take care of the details, and you will always have an expert available to help.
Driving success
With their existing Newpay account, customers will keep coming back to shop with your business. Newpay was designed to increase customer loyalty by giving them more freedom and flexibility to purchase items and services. You could have access to a range of flexible payment plans, making Newpay ideal for medium-sized baskets.
Customer benefits of using Newpay
Your customers can responsibly buy the things they want with flexibility
to spread the cost of bigger purchases into smaller payments. Once approved,
customers can log in to use again.
Simplified shopping
Once approved, customers can easily log in and use Newpay for repeat purchases. This will speed up their checkout process, making shopping simple.
What sets Newpay apart from other digital credit lenders?
With Newpay, consumers can split payments across a range of flexible instalment plans. Automatic updates also make it easy for customers to manage their account.
All plans can be managed online, giving users a simple way of keeping track of their payments and accessing their credit lines. NewDay, the lender behind Newpay, can say yes to more people as an expert responsible lender with a broad spectrum focus.
Newpay in a nutshell
  • Instant access digital credit
  • Offers a choice of monthly payment plans
  • Increased sales with bigger purchases while increasing customer retention and loyalty
  • Easy and flexible way to pay
  • Gives customers more ways to buy from the merchants they regularly shop with
Newpay makes shopping simple. It’s a smart way to offer more flexible finance and provides you with another option to make your checkouts more appealing to customers and stop them from dropping off at the most vital stage in the buying journey.

Learn more about Newpay and see how it can help your business.