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Best payment options for furniture purchases

December 8, 2022

Finance and furniture go hand in hand with most retailers offering some form of flexible payment method to their customers, allowing them to spread the cost of furniture purchases. Furniture is unique in that the price of items can vary greatly, for example, sofa prices range from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands. So whether you offer sofas, beds, tables or a bit of everything, giving customers finance options that cover all price points is a smart way to sell more products. 

This guide looks at the best finance options that furniture retailers should look at offering:

What is furniture finance?

Furniture finance allows shoppers to spread the purchase cost of an item or a basket of items over several payments. It helps empower them to buy the sofa or bed they really want, safe in the knowledge they won’t have to pay the entire price in one go. Offering furniture finance at your store provides more flexibility to customers and gives them a greater variety of ways to pay for products. 

How does furniture finance work?

To get furniture finance, applicants need to apply for the desired amount. For online purchases, this involves applying during the checkout stage when they’re on the merchant’s website. Most finance decisions are instant, with the customer learning whether or not they’ve been accepted in seconds. In-store finance purchases look a bit different and will involve the merchant guiding the customer through the application process.

If accepted, the shopper pays finance back over the agreed period of time until they no longer owe the borrowed amount. There are different versions of finance (more on that shortly) which affect payment due dates and the amount of interest owed. 

Benefits of offering furniture finance

Customers can spread the cost

There are several benefits to offering furniture finance to customers, including the ability to help them spread the cost. This is especially important during a cost-of-living crisis when consumer demand is down. Having the ability to spread the amount over several months offers more flexibility and financial freedom to the customer, meaning shoppers are increasingly likely to make the purchase they otherwise might decide against. 

Removes friction at checkout

Cart abandonment is one of the most significant issues merchants face, with around 70% of shoppers failing to complete their purchase at the checkout stage. Offering flexible finance options boosts customer confidence as it allows them to spread the financial cost over time, thus helping to reduce checkout drop-offs and buyer hesitancy.

Sell more

Offering finance can help you increase average order value and boost revenue. Flexible finance gives customers additional payment options and more conviction to spend that little bit extra to buy the sofa or bed they really want rather than settling for a cheaper option. Without finance options, the financial burden of paying for high-ticket items in one go can deter customers from upgrading their purchases.

Encourages repeat business

Furniture stores offering flexible finance to customers are more likely to win repeat business. Consumers look for companies that provide their favoured payment methods, with shoppers returning to a brand they trust to meet their financial needs head-on. Buying furniture should be a highly personable experience, and customers buy into the lifestyle a specific design or brand portrays. Therefore, any incentive that encourages them to return and shop more is likely to hold more weight and create a regular shopper. 

What type of furniture can customers buy with finance?

Shoppers can use furniture finance to buy all sorts of items, including:

  • Sofas
  • Armchairs
  • Beds
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Lights and lamps
  • Office furniture
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Designer furniture

What type of furniture finance is available? 

There are plenty of finance types available to furniture stores. The option best suited to your company depends on the furniture it sells. Less expensive products may be perfect for a finance product like digital credit that offers interest-free credit. Whilst higher-priced furniture is more suited to pay monthly methods, where the customer borrows the agreed amount and pays it back each month over a longer period of time. 

It may be that there’s no suitable off the shelf approach for your business, and you need a bespoke version or more than one finance offering. Flexibility is key, which is why you need to partner with a finance provider offering a range of payment options for your customers. 

Help your customers turn a house into a home

Allowing shoppers to pay for furniture items with finance helps unlock buying power, essentially meaning you can sell more. Working with a finance partner like Deko means you can be up and running in no time at all, ready to offer your customers more ways to pay for their favourite furniture items.

Learn more about how Deko helps furniture brands offer flexible finance.