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How to keep your customers coming back to your website

October 20, 2021

Everyone wants new business, but repeat transactions are just as important. Maybe even more so. There's no point putting all that effort into acquiring a new customer, only for them to shop at your online store once and never return. Almost half of online transactions are repeat business, and a robust strategy is needed to keep people coming back. Here, we look at how to keep customers returning to your online store so you can drive up sales and increase bottom lines.

Encourage account registration

An increasing number of customers want a one-click experience where they don’t need to register an account. And while it's important to offer guest checkout services and cater to consumer needs, there’s no harm in encouraging them to sign up for the long haul. 

If you can persuade them to register, it will improve their shopping experience the next time they visit your store. It can also help with storing payment information, which is particularly helpful if you offer flexible finance options and the customer wants to save their preferred payment methods. 

Think about offering perks for customers who register, be it personal recommendations, priority access to sales or even a small discount on their first purchase. Make your registration process effortless and show consumers the benefits of having an account with your online store. 

Create win-back marketing campaigns

One way to encourage repeat business involves using win-back marketing email campaigns, which target shoppers who have previously used your online store but haven't returned for a repeat purchase. 

Again, incentives can help coerce them into returning and giving you more business. Keep your email short and to the point – the goal is to get consumers using your store again, so any communication needs to be friendly, snappy and lay out the benefits early on in the message. 

Explore using exclusive deals that aren’t available on your website, highlight similar products to which they previously bought and include reasons why it’s beneficial for them to use your store for repeat purchases. 

Offer flexible payment methods

Your audience wants a shopping experience that is effortless and meets their needs. With flexible finance, you give consumers options for how they pay for products and services – whether it’s spreading the cost with buy now, pay later or digital credit. Alternative payment methods can get shoppers returning for more business.

If a customer knows that you offer their preferred payment method, they are more likely to come back and shop with you again. Shoppers stay with trusted finance ecosystems, as it caters to their needs, offers convenience and helps build trust. 

Essentially, you’re enabling them to shop more frequently and buy those higher-ticket items, as alternative payment methods help shoppers avoid a large financial commitment by letting them spread the cost of purchases. 

Use Google Analytics

You might be surprised at how many people don’t delve into the data behind their website, which is a shame as it can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour. Using tools like Google Analytics lets you see how customers behave when they're on your site thanks to information like how much time they spend browsing, which pages they visit most and where they find your website.

Understanding those behaviours can help you offer a better process when they buy items. And improving the customer experience should lead to repeat business, with them enjoying interactions with your store and therefore coming back to buy more. Best of all, Google Analytics is free to use.

Provide reliable delivery

The shopping experience doesn’t finish once a customer completes their purchase. The delivery aspect can make or break your relationship with your consumer, so you should aim to offer a seamless service for getting products to their homes. 

Shoppers care about the entire delivery experience and expect it to be effortless. Some aspects might be out of your hands if you partner with a delivery company, but you should choose your partner wisely and work with someone who has a reputation for offering a five-star service. 

Ask for customer feedback to get a better idea of what they expect from a delivery service. That personalised touch helps with consumer loyalty as they will feel valued after you ask for their advice on making your service better. 

Go big on marketing

A brand that cares about its products and services stands a better chance of gaining repeat business. Marketing efforts should take front and centre stage, as they’re the largest enabler of sales and brand identity.

Create blog posts, send out weekly emails, be active on social media and put time and effort into your marketing strategy. Doing so makes it look like you really care about the products and services you’re selling. Buyers will take note and be more inclined to shop with a business that is active across several touchpoints and looks like a thought leader in its industry. 

Summary: coming back for more

There are many ways to garner repeat buys for your online business. Using aspects like alternative payment methods and having a watertight marketing strategy can build trust with customers and keep them coming back for more as they see your website as a great place to shop online.