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How to make the most of 'back to school' as an electronics store

September 3, 2022

After a summer break, schools across the country are getting ready to welcome students of all ages back. Children and young adults are preparing to start the new school and university year, and they’ll need the necessary equipment to achieve the best results. From laptops to headphones, electronics will be high on the list of essential items. And as an electronic store, you can make the most of increased demand during this time of year. With that in mind, this guide looks at how to make the most of ‘back to school’ at your electronics store.

Offer special promotions

Offering discounts should only be reserved for special occasions, such as the back-to-school period. Thousands of students need new equipment each year, and they’ll be looking for special deals on everything from laptops to headphones. 

Companies like Apple have successfully offered discounts to students with money off laptops or special deals when you buy more than one product. You can follow suit and provide discounts for people who can prove their student status, easing the financial burden of expensive electronic equipment in the process.

Provide finance options

Another way to make electronic items more accessible involves finance. With finance options, such as buy now pay later, anyone buying your goods can feel empowered to purchase what they need for the school year, whether it’s university students or parents sourcing equipment for their children. 

Being able to spread the cost over several months makes buying expensive items easier, especially when prices are rising. Flexible finance options give customers more buying power while providing you with an opportunity to increase average order sizes and sell more electronic items. 

Run marketing campaigns

Let parents and students know your electronic store has all the back-to-school equipment they need with targeted marketing campaigns. Send email newsletters to previous customers detailing the best items you have for sale. It’s also worth considering spending some budget on sponsored content like Google Ads. 

Doing so can increase your reach and get the business in front of people searching for keywords like ‘back to school electronic equipment’ and ‘laptops for students’. Explore different marketing avenues, such as emails, blog articles, sponsored posts and social media, to increase your reach. 

Be active on social media

On the topic of social media, it’s good to promote your back-to-school electronics across various platforms. Whether you’re posting organic content or paying for sponsored posts, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok are ideal for getting the word out. 

Think about the target audience and focus on crafting a message for them. For instance, many uni students spend a lot of time on TikTok. Therefore, it might be worth using that platform to create content encouraging students to buy your products.  

Have a back-to-school section on your website

Make it easy for students and parents to find the necessary electronics with a ‘back to school’ section on your website. It can include specific items, bundles and promotions in one convenient place that’s easy to locate. As a result, shoppers can find what they’re looking for with minimal effort. 

Create a collection showcasing items that go together. For example, include laptops, cables and headphones in one section, as people tend to use products in tandem. With a dedicated area, shoppers won’t need to navigate your site. Instead, they can easily find the equipment required for the upcoming school year. 

Keep promoting back to school

There’s no need to end your back-to-school messaging once the school year begins. Keep running promotions and remind everyone that you’re the go-to place to buy electronic equipment. Not everyone manages to get everything they need before the school year starts. 

Keeping a consistent line of messaging lets parents and students know they can get the necessary equipment with you. It will keep your electronic store at the forefront of their minds when buying items. 

Getting back in the swing of it

The ‘back to school’ season is an important time for retailers as they benefit from students getting ready for the new year. This is especially true for electronic companies. Technology plays a vital role in schools, and you can ensure you’re the brand catering to student needs and making the most of pupils going back to school.