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How to use Will I Qualify with Deko

January 17, 2022

With Deko Will I Qualify, you can remove all the eligibility guesswork for customers who may be considering using finance to unlock a purchase. That means earlier and better awareness of potential to purchase, as well as improved acceptance rates for those that do. 

But how does Will I Qualify work in real-time with your business? We’ve got all the answers in this guide, which details everything you need to know about determining customer eligibility. 

What is Will I Qualify?

Will I Qualify is a smart digital experience allowing your customers to check their eligibility for finance. A growing number of consumers expect businesses to offer alternative payment methods and in some cases will rely on them. Will I Qualify lets shoppers know if they’ll be successful before they’ve even applied. 

By using Will I Qualify, consumers remove the guesswork from an application and get a better understanding of whether they can use a Deko financial product when they reach checkout. This removes friction from their experience – if they qualify, customers can then use their preferred finance options to complete their purchase with confidence. 

How does Will I Qualify work?

Will I Qualify is a simple website plugin which sits nicely on your homepage as well as the individual product pages on your website, making it easy for consumers to interact with while browsing. It integrates effortlessly into the customer's shopping journey, so they can use it to verify their ability to make larger purchases without compromising the overall experience. 

Is there a credit check involved? 

Only an invisible one! Customers using Will I Qualify undergo a soft credit search when checking their eligibility. That means they can use Will I Qualify without disrupting their credit score. Will I Qualify is a soft search solution for merchants wanting to increase purchasing confidence and acceptance rates on their website. 

Does Will I Qualify save time?

Absolutely, and it will help improve the quality of shoppers using finance. Now more potential buyers are given the confidence to load their basket and visit checkout while reducing the proportion of customers going through the buying process, only to be rejected for finance and damage your true conversion metrics. Instead, they can find out if they qualify beforehand. This optimises both incremental sales and your cart abandonment rates by removing the guesswork. 

Which products does Will I Qualify work with? 

Will I Qualify works with Deko’s multi-product finance options. These include:

Pay in 4

A simple and flexible finance option that’s easy to use, Pay in 4 gives you the chance to offer customers more freedom to spread the cost of their lower-value basket sizes. They borrow anywhere between £250 and £1,000 and spread the cost across four equal interest-free payments every two weeks. 

Digital credit

Give your customers a digital credit account for a simplified shopping experience. It seamlessly integrates into the checkout experience and helps increase basket size and repeat business. Customers can borrow up to £2,500. 

Pay Monthly

Pay Monthly allows customers to finance their purchases based on their personal budget. They can borrow between £250 and £15,000, making Pay Monthly the ideal finance solution for any basket size, from smaller purchases to bigger-ticket items.

Summary: More sales with Will I Qualify

Using Will I Qualify gives your customers more transparency about their chances of getting accepted for finance. With 24-hour integration to your website, you’ll quickly have shoppers accessing the tool with ease and feeling empowered to apply and use the right finance solution for their needs. The result is higher acceptance rates and an increase in sales. 

Learn more about Will I Qualify and get in touch with Deko to get started today.