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Peak Season Planning Tips for Your Outdoor Leisure Business

March 20, 2023

As we edge closer to spring and warmer weather, people are already planning trips to the great outdoors. From adventure days out to camping, the next few months are the peak time for outdoor lifestyle shoppers. It's also the ideal opportunity for your outdoor leisure business to maximise sales. For that reason, this guide offers strategies and tips to help you sell more outdoor products, from executing the perfect marketing plan to offering retail finance. 

1) Understand the needs of your customer base

The first step in preparing for peak season requires a clear understanding of your customer base. Whether you've been in operation for one year or two decades, you should keep up with evolving customer trends, demands and needs. 

Knowing your customer demographics helps you better understand important aspects, such as their spending habits, the type of outdoor products they like and other shopping habits. Collect data on customer behaviour by looking at previous product purchases and exploring popular searches online and across social media that offer a glimpse into how people shop. Use this information to create a strategy that'll help maximise sales at your outdoor leisure store. 

2) Manage your stock effectively

Having sufficient stock is crucial to meet the demand of customers, especially during peak season. Accurately forecasting inventory needs and implementing strategies to manage that inventory helps prevent out-of-stock items and reduces the chance of unhappy customers. 

At the same time, getting your stock levels on point can help avoid overstocking and being in a position where you can't shift products. Inventory management software will help you stay on top of stock levels, ensuring you have the right amount in your outdoor leisure store. 

3) Create a multi-platform marketing plan

A strong marketing output is essential to maximise peak outdoor season sales. Customers are likely to be inundated with ads from competitors, and it’s necessary to stand out from the crowd by utilising all the available marketing channels. 

Use social media to connect with your audience and start discussions while implementing email marketing campaigns that encourage shoppers not to miss out on the latest stock. It’s also worth creating promotions and, in some cases, discounts that will drive sales. These may include special offers on popular items or loyalty schemes. 

4) Get your team in the right mindset

Prepare for more business and enquiries during peak periods by ensuring your team is ready to handle increased demand. That includes being quick to respond to customer questions, both on your website, social media and phone. Ideally, you should set a target to respond to shoppers in a set time. Doing so will help ensure standards and maintain good customer service. 

It's also worth encouraging customers to leave reviews if they are happy with the service. You can boost the brand's reputation with high scores on websites like Trustpilot, leading to more word-of-mouth business thanks to referrals highlighting the best of your outdoor leisure business. 

5) Unlock customer buying power with retail finance options

Flexibility is key when it comes to getting those all-important checkout conversions. Shoppers want to pay using their desired payment methods and are more likely to buy from a store offering a range of alternative payment options. This includes retail finance options, such as buy now pay later

Giving your customers the flexibility to spread the cost improves their purchasing power and makes them feel more confident about buying products. Offering retail finance makes your outdoor products more accessible, especially during the peak season when enthusiasts will be looking for new tents, cycles, barbecues and even smaller accessories like kites and outdoor games. 

Retail finance with Deko

Maximise your customers' buying power with Deko's retail finance. With seamless integration into top eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento, plus bespoke options, we can get you up and running with a range of finance options in no time at all. Offer your customers a wider range of payment choices for your products and accessories.

Moreover, Deko offers a multi-lender solution. If one lender rejects a customer, they'll automatically be redirected to another, increasing their chances of approval. Give your customers the assurance to make purchases with ease.

Getting back to nature

Preparing for peak season takes careful planning and preparation on your side. From understanding your customer base to managing inventories and offering retail finance options that provide more payment flexibility, you can take advantage of the peak season and boost revenue at your outdoor leisure business.