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How Google Featured Snippets can help merchants

June 23, 2022

Ranking on Google is difficult. The search engine giant is always evolving, changing how its algorithms work and making it harder to feature on the first page. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause, and online stores can still enjoy success even with increased competition. One way to do this is through Google Featured Snippets, a smarter way to gain traction on the search engine behemoth. But how do you feature on Google Snippets? Read on, and discover everything you need to know about appearing at the very top of Google without spending a penny.

What are Google Featured Snippets?

Every time you search Google, a small box displaying text appears at the top of the screen. This is Google Featured Snippets, a selected search result showcasing a condensed version of the answer to your search query. 

Google Snippets are particularly helpful because they’re organic, which means they work outside of sponsored and promoted ads. Therefore, if your content answers important questions, there’s every chance that you could feature on Google Snippets.

Why are Google Snippets helpful?

We have all become accustomed to instant gratification, so much so that we don’t have time to scroll an entire webpage for our keyword search; we want the answer right in front of us, in seconds. Google Snippets provide those answers, and internet users get them in an easily digestible format. 

Snippets make finding answers easier, offering the instant results many of us have come to expect from the worldwide web. This can be particularly helpful for merchants as it gives you the chance to provide more information about your products and services. 

How can merchants feature on Google Snippets?

Featuring on Google Snippets is all about answering the questions your target audience asks Google. From an eCommerce perspective, that means answering queries around products and services, either where to buy them, how to buy them or how they’re made. 

For example, let’s say a brand sells sustainable jewellery. Someone might search for how it’s made, and if you have a blog post displaying the information, then it could end up in Google Snippets. Consequently, the shopper may go on to buy your ethical and sustainable jewellery after having their query answered.

How to craft the right answer for shopper queries

You need to make sure that your answers are better than the competition by offering the right responses. Google ranks in-depth content high on the details. That’s why long-form blog posts tend to rank best in the Snippets.

Take the “sustainable jewellery” question, for example. 

It’s not necessarily enough to simply offer ethical jewellery; you also need to explain why you’re doing it and the benefits it brings. That way, you’re adding value, offering more insight into your brand’s core ethos and building trust with the customer. 

What else should I know about Google Snippets?

Google Featured Snippets tend to come in three forms: paragraph, list and table, so it’s worth thinking about putting lists and tables into your content. Not only is this favoured by Google, but it also helps to break things down for the reader. 

You should also know that you can:

  • Use tools like Moz and SEMrush to see what your competitors are doing
  • Write queries into Google to see how it reacts to popular questions about your industry
  • Do keyword research on Google Analytics
  • Try and answer more than one question in your content
  • Keep answers short, around 50-odd words
  • Use headers to format your content
  • Add a “how to” section to your website where you answer potential questions
  • Add imagery and video

See what we did there with the lists? Google Snippets can work for everyone, whether you’re selling garden materials, electronic equipment, offering training courses or providing merchants with payment solutions for shoppers. As long as you offer audiences rich, in-depth information about products, services and problems you’re solving, there’s a chance you can feature on Google Snippets.

Making the most of Snippets

Featuring in Google Snippets can increase exposure for your online store without affecting your marketing budget. It can also help with leads as people land on your website after seeing the snippet query they searched for. It’s a great way to rank on Google and improve the digital footprint of your online store.