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Top tips on how to boost your sales

March 17, 2022

Trying to increase sales can be a mountainous task. It needn't be the case, though, especially if you have the right tools at your disposal to execute a solid strategy to boost the number of people buying from your website. In this guide, we’re bringing you top tips on how to grow online sales. So read on and discover everything you need to know about turning your web store into a selling machine.

Use paid traffic

Paid traffic can be a handy way of generating more sales for your online store, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With the right campaign, you can take your business to the next level and see a significant increase in the number of items flying off your virtual shelf. 

But how do you create a winning campaign? Spending small amounts at a time on different campaigns can help – if one doesn’t work, the other might. Most of the time you won’t get it right on the first go either. 

Don’t let that put you off though, because experimentation is key to finding a campaign that lands. And once it does, you’ll start seeing more people coming through to your website to buy the products and services on offer.

Don’t oversell yourself

Building trust with customers requires honesty from your side. So when it comes to sales copy, don’t overshoot and make promises you can’t deliver. Honesty is key, and shoppers will trust you more for it. 

The next time you’re writing a marketing email or adding some copy to the website, think about your messaging architecture and don’t go over the top. Yes, it needs to be engaging and showcase the benefits of your brand. But there’s no need to ramp it up to 100, as consumers are hypersensitive to marketing.

Instead, focus on the key elements that drive your offering, be it prices, speed of delivery or the fact that you offer flexible payment methods. Doing so will help you build more trust, and consumers will come back to your store for repeat purchases.

Offer flexible financing options

The way shoppers pay is continuously evolving, and a growing number of them prefer using alternative payment methods like buy now, pay later (BNPL). In fact, almost half of millennials have already used BNPL to purchase products and services. 

By embracing flexible finance offerings, you can reduce checkout abandonment, remove friction from the sales process and increase your average order value. You just need to find the right retail finance provider.

Look for aspects like multi-product offerings, which allows shoppers payment options that suit their needs. It's also helpful to use a partner with a multi-lender approach, such as Deko. With multi-lender, you can increase the number of customers accepted for finances as they move between lenders if the first one rejects them. Even better, it all takes place in the background without the shopping experience being affected.

Focus on repeat business

When a business looks for growth, the obvious option is to find new customers. But focusing on your current shoppers might just be the smarter move. That’s because loyal shoppers come back for more. Again and again and again. 

Existing customers tend to add more items to their cart and spend more money, as they feel comfortable shopping with a brand they know and trust. Therefore, loyal shoppers can be worth up to 10 times the value of their first purchase because they keep coming back for more. 

Customer retention is also more cost-effective than trying to find new business. Having a strategy to hang onto your customers can yield great results for your company while building brand trust and improving bottom lines.

Don’t forget about mobile

Using your online store to make a purchase should be a seamless experience, whether customers are using a laptop or are on their mobile. Too often, businesses forget about the mobile aspect, despite the fact that more than half of consumers use their phones to shop online.

So if you want to win with your sales, you’ll need a fluid mobile experience. That includes everything from the layout of your homepage, how products appear and the checkout experience, which is the most vital aspect of the shopping journey. 

Ultimately, you want the mobile experience on your website to:

  • Be responsive
  • Make it effortless to purchase items
  • Load quickly
  • Have a simple checkout process with clear finance instructions
  • Be easy to navigate

Include these aspects, and your mobile experience can entice customers to shop with your brand no matter where they are. And you can increase sales as a result.

Summary: Top of the sales tree

Increasing sales requires a good strategy and persistence but can pay off handsomely when you get it right. And by offering elements like alternative payment methods while ensuring you have a great mobile experience can lead to a boost in your sales and a bright future for your ecommerce store.