Christmas Shops V2

When's your Christmas?

Vicki Scheele   14th Aug 2017
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Best retail finance rates guaranteed!

Vicki Scheele   21st Jul 2017

We ALL want to buy the cheapest stuff, right? Cheapest holidays, cheapest appliances, cheapest clothes … cheapest food … cheapest jewellery, er, well … … hmmm …. no.  There’s a reason we don’t shop at Primark, drive a Dacia and fly with Ryanair all the time. 

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The cost of credit - The truth about APRs

Verity Brain   21st Mar 2017

Consumers are using credit more than ever and spreading the cost is increasingly being seen as a smart financial decision by a broader range of people.

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Retail credit market trends

Vicki Scheele   15th Mar 2017

Customer demand for credit has never been greater. In the UK, there are 60 million credit cards held by 32 million consumers. When it comes to retail (point-of-sale) credit, a revolution is under way. Over half of the top 100 retailers now offer credit options to their customers. Thousands of smaller merchants have also introduced consumer financing in the last few years.

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